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Normal Anodization VS Hard Anodization for Aluminum Parts
2020-12-03 15:45:37

Anodization offers fair protection to aluminum parts to enhance the resistance to climax, erosion and maintains the gloss of metal surface with certain colors. Hard anodization provides even higher and more durable protection with much thicker anodization film.


Normal anodization film is normally 5~20µm thick, but hard anodization film is 15~100µm. Normal anodization is conducted in the temperature of 5~22°C while hard anodization treated in -10~5°C. The low temperature ensures slow chemical reaction for the hard anodization to form thicker film. If the temperature is not controlled well, the film is prone to crack. Therefore, the processing time and cost of hard anodization is about three to five times of the normal anodization.


Normal anodization is vastly used in construction, particularly for decoration use, with high price-quality. Hard anodization is normally used on machinery parts to ensure high resistance to fraction and erosion.


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