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Since 1996, Foshan Guangya Metal and Rubber Product Co Ltd (known as Guangya Metal) has been specialized in aluminum profiles for windows and doors for over 20 years. We are a prestige aluminum extrusion manufacturer in Guangdong, China, with strong quality and cost control system, efficient production management and creditable business reputation. Our products comply with China national standards, as well as other international standards, and prevail in many overseas markets, such as the countries in South-east Asia, Latin America and Africa.


Guangya Metal







Aluminum accessories for Photovoltaic System Aluminum Photovoltaic System Aluminum Solar Power Frame LED Heat Sink Heat Sink for Electronic Applicants Aluminium Facade Aluminium Balustrade Aluminium Fence Dominica Aluminum Sliding Window Profiles Dominica aluminum casement window profiles Dominican Aluminum Window Profiles Thai aluminium sliding window profiles Thai aluminium window profiles Aluminum profiles for Thailand Aluminium Extrusion Made in China China Supplier of Aluminum Profiles Aluminium Market Price Aluminium Alloy Price Hard Anodized Aluminum Hard Anodization of Aluminum Profile Hard Anodized Aluminium Parts Aluminum H Profile Aluminium Glass Bracket Aluminium H Strip Aluminium H Bar Aluminium Extrusion for Solar Panel Aluminium Solar Panel Frame Aluminium Solar Frame Solar Power Panel Frames Aluminium Frame for Solar Panel Solar Power Aluminium Frame Aluminium Solar Frame Extrusion Aluminium Facade Extrusion Aluminum Curtain Wall Frame Aluminum Curtain Wall Aluminium Facade System Aluminium Facade Profile Aluminum Extrusion for Curtain Wall Aluminum Curtain Wall Profile Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile Aluminium Curtain Wall Extrusion Extruded Aluminium Cooler Solar Power Aluminum Frame Solar Power Aluminium Beam Aluminium Railing for Solar Power Bronze Anodized Window Frame Aluminium Window Parts with Bronze Anodization Bronze Anodization Aluminium Railing Aluminium Slide Aluminium Guide Rail Aluminium Sliding Rail Anodized Aluminium Rack Aluminum Brackets Aluminum Frames Aluminium Electrical Parts Aluminium Extrusion for Electric Applicants Aluminium LED Base Aluminum Ladder Strip Aluminium Ladder Parts Aluminium Ladder Extrusion Aluminium Cladding Aluminium Cladding Bracket Aluminium Cladding Frame Aluminium Cladding Frame Aluminum Ceiling Truss Aluminum Ceiling Frame Chinese Building Materials Aluminum Profiles made in China Aluminum Alloy Price Aluminum Blind Extrusion Aluminum Blind Plate Aluminum Blind Slat Aluminium Louvre Frame Aluminium Louvre Profile Aluminium Louvre Extrusion Aluminum Beam Extrusion Extruded Aluminum Slot Beam Extruded Aluminum Rail Aluminum Truss Aluminum Skyline Extrusion Aluminium Skyline Profile Peru Standard Aluminum Sliding Window Profiles Aluminum Alloy Window Profiles for Peru Aluminum Casement Window Profiles for Peru China Export Aluminum Products made in China Import and Export of China Goods Aluminum Cooler Aluminum Hinge for Windows Aluminum Door Hinge Aluminium Window Hinge Aluminum Partition Accessories Aluminum Partition Post Aluminium Partition Parts Aluminum Bracket Aluminium Mount Base Aluminum Connecting Parts Fabricated aluminium accessory CNC machined aluminum parts Aluminum Machined Parts Aluminum Cabinet Handle Aluminum Grab Bar Aluminium Handles Aluminium Furniture Accessories Aluminum Furniture Parts Aluminium Table Frames Aluminum Cable Conduit Aluminum Conduit Extrusion Aluminum Conduit Case Aluminium Furniture Parts Aluminium Wardrobe Frame Aluminium Wardrobe Rails Aluminium Construction Extrusion Aluminum Window System Aluminum Window Profiles Chinese Manufacturer of Aluminium Extrusion Aluminium Angle Bar Extruded Aluminium Profiles Aluminium Furniture Parts Aluminium Corner Connector Aluminium Connection Extrusion Aluminum Connection Profile Aluminum Corner Brace Aluminium Connnector Aluminum C Channel Aluminium Sliding Track Aluminium Tracking Aluminium T-slot Track 6063 Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Tracks Aluminum Angle Aluminium Extrusion Made in China Extruded Aluminium Square Tube Anodized Aluminium Square Tube Standard Aluminium Tubes Aluminum Angle Profile Aluminum Angle Extrusion Aluminium Angle Bars Aluminium Round Tubing Extruded Aluminium Round Tube Anodized Aluminium Round Tube General Aluminium Round Tube Aluminum Round Tube Extrusion Aluminium Round Tube Market price of aluminum profiles Aluminum Tube Extrusion Profile Extruded Aluminium Square Tube Aluminium Tubing Profile Aluminium Tubing Extrusion Aluminium Irregular Tubes Aluminium Hollow Tubes Aluminium Tube Extrusion Aluminium Square Tube Aluminium Rectangular Tube Aluminium Tubes Aluminum Rectangular Tube Aluminum Tubing Aluminium Rack for Solar Power Aluminium Solar Power Rack Aluminium Frames for Solar Power System Aluminium Solar Power Bracket Aluminium Linear Rail Slide Aluminium Lathe Rail Aluminium guide rail for 3D printers Aluminium Guide Rail Aluminium V-slot Rail Aluminium Linear Rail Extrusion Aluminium T-slot Extrusion Aluminium V-slot Extrusion Aluminium Linear Rail Industrial aluminium extruded profile Industrial aluminium extrusion Industrial aluminum profile Anodized Aluminium Handles for Windows and Doors Aluminium Handle Extrusion Aluminium Window Locks Aluminium Shower Booth Frame Aluminium Shower Booth Rails Aluminium Extrusion for Shower Booth Aluminum Profile for Curtain Rod Aluminium Extrusion for Curtain Rod Aluminium curtain rod Peru Aluminum Door Profiles Peru Aluminum Window Profiles Aluminum Profiles for Peru Aluminium Door Frames Casement 44 - South Africa Aluminium Door Profile Casement 28 Aluminium Window Profile Casement 28 for South Africa South Africa Aluminium Casement Door Profile South Africa Aluminium Window Profiles Universal Aluminium Assembly Poles Aluminium Assembly Lines Aluminium Sliding Rail Extrusion Extruded Heat Sink for LED LED Radiator LED heatsink Aluminium Edging Aluminium Skirting Aluminium U Channel Aluminium Wall Edging Aluminium Floor Edging Aluminium Wall Skirting Aluminium Skirting Aluminium Tile Trim Brass Heatsink Skived Heat Sink High-ratio fin heatsink Skived Heatsink Skived Aluminium Heatsink Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Sunflower Heatsink Aluminium Radiator Aluminum Heatsink Aluminium Heatsink Price of aluminium extrusion Costs of aluminum profiles International shipping cost Aluminum Sliding Window Profiles Aluminium Sliding Window Aluminium Casement Window Aluminum Profiles for Thermal Break Windows and Doors Thermal Break Aluminium Extrusion Thermal Break Windows and Doors Export of Aluminium Products Price of Aluminium Alloy Manufacturer of Aluminum Profiles Aluminium solar power system Aluminium solar power edging Aluminium solar power frames Aluminium 3D Printer Rail Aluminium Assembly Line Aluminium Sliding Rail Matt Anodized Aluminum Parts Aluminium Extrusion with Blasting Blasted Aluminum Profiles Anodized Aluminium Tubes Anodized Aluminum Profile Anodized Aluminium Extrusion Powder Coated Aluminium Parts Powder Coated Aluminium Extrusion Powder Coated Aluminum Profiles Aluminum Strip Aluminium Decoration Material Aluminium Trim Aluminum Conducting Wires Aluminum Alloy Aluminium Conduit Bright anodized Aluminum parts Polished Aluminium Extrusion Polished Aluminum Profile aluminum products market price of aluminum aluminum construction material construction aluminum products Direct extrusion of aluminum profiles manufacturer of aluminium extrusion aluminium extrusion extrusion of aluminum profile China factory of aluminum profile China Manufacturer of aluminium extrusion Guangya Metal aluminum profiles made in China China supplier of aluminium extrusion China manufacturer of Aluminum Profiles Wood Grain Aluminium Profile Anodized Aluminium Profile Powder Coated Aluminum Profile Aluminum Flooring Trim Aluminum Foothold Aluminum T Trim Aluminum Reducer Aluminium Ramp Strip Aluminum Skirting Aluminium Ramp Aluminum Flooring Accessory Aluminum Door Bar Aluminium Threshold Strip Aluminium Door Bar Aluminium Threshold Trim aluminium ramp Aluminium skirting Aluminium Stair Nosing Aluminium Tile Trim Strip Anodized Aluminum Tile Trim Powder Coated Aluminum Profile for Tile Trim Powder Coated Aluminum Trim L-shape Aluminium Trim L-shape Aluminum Profile Aluminium Carpet Trim Aluminum Wall Trim Square Aluminium Trim Aluminium Truss Aluminium Tile Edge Aluminum Tile Trim Aluminium Sliding Window Section Aluminium Sliding Window Extrusion Aluminum Sliding Window Profiles Powder Coated Aluminium Extrusion for Doors Aluminum Sliding Door Profiles Aluminium Casement Door Profiles South Africa Aluminium Window Frames Wood Grain Aluminum Profiles Aluminium Extrusion for Doors Aluminum Profiles for Doors Aluminium Extrusion for Chile Chile Aluminum Profiles for Windows and Doors Chile Aluminum Window Profiles China Manufacturer of Aluminium Extrusion China Aluminium Extrusion Aluminum Profile Made in China China Aluminum Profile China Factory of Aluminum Profile Aluminium Extrusion for Windows and Doors Aluminum Profiles for Windows Aluminum Extrusion Powder Coated White Bronze Anodized Aluminium Profiles Ghana Aluminium Window Section Philippines Aluminum Window Profile Philippines Aluminum Window Profile China Supplier of Aluminium Section China Supplier of Aluminium Extrusion Aluminium Section for Windows and Doors Aluminium Window Section for Algeria High Ratio Heat Sink Aluminium Heat Sink Extrusion Aluminum Heat Sink China supplier of Aluminum Window Profiles Philippines Aluminum Door Extrusion Philippines Aluminum Window Extrusion Aluminum Window Strips for Philippines


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